Released in 2008, by Gordon B. K. Wavamunno, "Amalojja g’Omusajja Omufirika Omwatiikirivu mu Byobusuubuzi" is a Luganda version of the best seller, The Story of an African Entrepreneur also by Gordon B.K. Wavamunno…Price – Shs 10,000 /=


Released in 2006, by Prince Besueri K. L. Mulondo, "Semusota Gulimuntamu" talks about the forgotten history of Buganda and Uganda as a country, the ups and downs the Buganda kingdom went through and how it came to be where it is now…Price – Shs 10,000 /=


Released in 2000, by Gordon B.K. Wavamunno.  "The Story of an Africa Entrepreneur" is a book about one of the most successful indigenous African entrepreneurs and household names in Uganda…Price – Shs 25,000/=  (Hard Cover) and Shs 10,000 /= (Soft Cover)


Released in 2010, by Gordon B.K. Wavamunno., "Gwotonnakaddiya" is a book on Luganda proverbs and gives detailed explanation of their meanings…Price – Shs 10,000 /=

Released in 2004, by Ernest K. K Sempebwa., it highlights the ups and downs of the late King of Buganda, Sir Edward Muteesa II… Price – Shs 10,000 /=

Released in 2006, by Sabano Sarah and Kafeero Andrew,  "P.L.E English Revision Notes and Tests" is meant to help primary 5, 6 and 7 pupils improve their English language as they get ready to complete primary education…Price – Shs 10,000 /=


Released in 2010, by Ekibiina Ky’Olulimi Oluganda, "Enkuluze y’Oluganda olw’Ennono" is a new Luganda dictionary…Price – Shs 25,000 /=


Released in 2004, by Jesudas Mwanje, “Electronics for Beginners” aims at presenting basic electronics concepts in a simple, practical style…Price – Shs 10,000 /=


Released in 2006, by Rose Bisikwa, "The Shame of Dishonest Service" is a story book with short stories about the tragedies of being fraudulent…Price – Shs 2,000 /=


Released in 2006, by Kamugunda K. Gordon., “A History of East Africa: From Ancient to Modern Times” contains some historical facts about how East Africa has transformed from 1900 to date…Price – Shs 10,000 /=


Released in 2007, by Gordon B. K. Wavamunno., “Ssekabaka Muteesa II, President wa Uganda Eyasooka era Omulwanirizi W’emirembe Kayingo” is the Luganda version of “ The late Ssabasajja Kabaka Muteesa II, first President of Uganda an outstanding defender of peace” …Price – Shs 5,000 /=


Released in 2006, by Rose Bisikwa, “Fun and Fear during Shamim’s school days” is about a young girl, Shamim and what she went through during her primary school days…Price – Shs 2,000 /=


Released in 2008, by Gordon B.K. Wavamunno., "Bino Obadde obimanyi" is a collection of Agreements that were signed between Buganda and other Kingdoms of Uganda.  It also includes information on the perception of the British on Buganda and the outcomes…Price – Shs 5,000 /=


Released in 2002, by Jesudas Mwanje, “Physics for beginners” was written for ordinary level students with the aim of giving them a broad appreciation of the physical principles governing the environmental processes around us…Price – Shs 15, 000 /=


Released in 2006, by Rose Bisikwa, this small story book talks about a crippled girl whose parents locked her up and hid her away from their other children who later discovered her in a secret room…Price – Shs 2,000 /=